Sunday, October 31, 2010

Full-Circle Words

ana, aria, arena, agenda, ammonia, anaconda

bib, bomb, blurb, benumb

c_c, chic, comic, critic, canopic, catholic, cathartic, c________c, cataclysmic

did, deed, dread, demand, diamond, dividend

eye, ease, erase, elapse, elevate, exercise, exonerate, exacerbate

f_f, fief, fluff

gag, gong, gulag, giving, getting, glutting, garotting, graduating, gravitating

huh, high, hutch, hearth, hashish, hiccough, hopscotch



k_k, kick, kayak, k____k, k_____k, kickback, k_______k, knickknack

l_l, loll, libel, lintel, literal, littoral, libidinal

mum, maim, modem, medium, modicum, m______m, mechanism

nun, noon, nylon, napkin, n_____n, notation, narration, navigation

oho, olio

pop, peep, polyp, pickup, parsnip, p______p, p_______p, penmanship, partnership


r_r, roar, radar, redder, ruddier, remember, reservoir

sis, sass, sinus, stylus, success, susurrus, sagacious, stupendous, s_________s, s__________s, serendipitous

tot, taut, tenet, threat, tempest, tenement, testament



wow, whew, widow, willow


yay, y__y, yummy, yearly, yellowy, y______y, yesterday, youthfully


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Weese said...

If Xerox were a word, I'd put it on the list. Hey, wait - it is! Glad to see you're back blogging ;) and sorry it took a while for me to notice...