Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alphabetically Consecutive Trigraphs (ABC, BCD, CDE, &c.)

I found words for the following trigraphs:

  1. DEF (defend, indefinite, &c.)
  2. FGH (afghan)
  3. GHI (laughing, sighing, &c.)
  4. HIJ (hijinks)
  5. LMN (calmness)
  6. MNO (hymnody)
  7. NOP (inoperative, synopsis, &c.)
  8. RST (burst, worsted, &c.)
  9. STU (astute, sturgeon, &c.)

The word-game word-list web site provides examples for the above as well as the following:
  1. ABC (dabchick)
  2. XYZ (hydroxyzine)

-- and for this alphabetically consecutive tetragraph:

  1. RSTU (overstuffed, understudy, &c.)

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